Problem Statement:

How do I convert a Shared Mailbox back to User Mailbox


Sometimes you may required to convert a Shared Mailbox to a User mailbox.  In this article we will understand various ways to achieve this.

1. Using PowerShell

To convert a shared mailbox to a user mailbox in Microsoft Exchange Server, you can use the "Set-Mailbox" cmdlet with the "-Type User" parameter.

Here's the syntax for the cmdlet:

Set-Mailbox [MAILBOXNAME] -Type User

Replace [MAILBOXNAME] with the name of the shared mailbox that you want to convert.

After running this command, the shared mailbox will be converted to a user mailbox, which means it will have a user account associated with it and will be accessible only by that user. This also means that the mailbox will be removed from the list of shared mailboxes, and any permissions or access rights granted to other users will be revoked.

Note that when you convert a shared mailbox to a user mailbox, the data in the mailbox will be preserved, and the user associated with the mailbox will have full control over it.

2. Using Exchange Admin Center:

  • Go to the Exchange admin center.
  • Select Mailboxes
  • Select the shared mailbox you want to convert to a regular user mailbox. 
  • Click on Convert to regular mailbox on the top menu (refer below screenshot)

  • Go back to the admin center. Under Users, choose the user account associated with the old shared mailbox. Assign a license to the account, and then reset the password.

  • It will take a few minutes for the mailbox to get set up, but after that, the person who's going to use that account is ready to go. When they sign in, they'll see the email and calendar items that used to be in the shared mailbox.

3. Using CoreView:

To convert a Shared Mailbox to a regular mailbox using CoreView kindly follow below steps:

  • Go to CoreView Portal
  • Under Actions select Management Actions 
  • Then choose Mailbox and select 'Edit Mailbox Type' (refer below screenshot)

  • This will open up Edit Mailbox window.
  • You can search for the Shared Mailbox you want to convert or apply filter under Recipient Type details to show only Shared Mailbox (Refer below screenshot)

  • On the next page select Edit Mailbox type to User Mailbox

  • Then submit the action.

Note: operators will be able to see and manage only mailboxes part of their V-Tenant defined scope.

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