This article explains how to enable Teams Voice in CoreView and outlines the permissions requested.

Step 1: Request the Teams Voice Link

Before you can enable Teams Voice in CoreView, you need to request the consent link from the support team ( This link is provided to users who have purchased the CoreTeams analytics add-on and can be used to enable the feature in CoreView.

Step 2: Provide Consent for Permissions

After receiving the link, log in with an account that has the Global Admin role, and you will be prompted to provide consent for the necessary permissions to use Teams Voice.

These permissions include:

  • Read all call records
    Allows the app to read call records for all calls and online meetings without a signed-in user.
  • Read all users' teamwork activity feed
    Allows the app to read all users' teamwork activity feed, without a signed-in user.
  • Read tabs in Microsoft Teams.
    Read the names and settings of tabs inside any team in Microsoft Teams, without a signed-in user. This does not give access to the content inside the tabs.
  • Get a list of all teams
    Get a list of all teams, without a signed-in user.
  • Sign in and read user profile
    Allows users to sign-in to the app, and allows the app to read the profile of signed-in users. It also allows the app to read basic company information of signed-in users.