The following guide will provide you with instructions on how to use custom service accounts during CoreView onboarding.


With Dec 21st product release is possible to manually enter service accounts in the onboarding flow, other than providing permission to CoreView to create them automatically.  


Once you received the unique enrollment link, paste it into the Incognito browser's session. You will be presented 

with the new onboarding flow and you can choose between the following two methods:

  • Automatic - CoreView will automatically create all the service accounts needed. For that to happen CoreView will require permission to create users on your Microsoft tenant. 

  • Custom - You can manually enter previously created service accounts, without granting CoreView any extra permission.  

For this guide purpose, we’re going to select “Custom” and click “Next”.


In the next screen, you'll be asked to provide the integration API consent. You will be prompted with the list of permissions requested.

Once you have granted all the permission required, you will be brought back to the CoreView onboarding flow. In order to proceed click on 'Set service account'.

In the panel that will open enter the credentials for the service accounts. Based on your tenant size we recommend creating a number of service accounts between 2 and 10.

All the service accounts require the admin role “Global reader and ”Reports Reader" permission. To see how to properly create and grant the correct permission check the steps at the end of this guide.

Once the information is filled in, click on “Validate” to check if the credentials are correct and the service accounts have the correct permissions. 

Once all the service accounts have been validated, you can click on “Submit” to proceed. 


The onboarding is now completed and the import of data in CoreView will begin. 

How to create a service account in the Microsoft Admin Center

  • Navigate to your Microsoft Admin center
  • Go to Users > Active Users, and select Add Users
  • In the pane, fill in the basic user information, and then select Next (No license is required).
  • In the Optional Settings tab, expand the 'Roles' dropdown and add 'Global Reader' and 'Report Reader'

  • Select Next, review your new user's settings, then select Finish adding, then Close.