Shifting from DistinguishedName to OnPremisesDistinguishedName 


Coreview has recently performed a switch from using the DistinguishedName attribute to the OnPremisesDistinguishedName as a valid parameter for custom actions, workflows, saved reports and for the creation of Virtual Tenants. This has been done to prevent mistakes from occurring as the information contained in both attributes is identical, but the OnPremisesDistinguishedName has proven to be more reliable.


What is the impact of this change? 

Virtual tenants and saved reports have already been updated to make the switch painless for customers who had previously configured these based on the DistinguishedName attribute so no action is required on this end, but moving on it will only be possible to create new ones based on the OnPremiseDistinguishedName attribute. 

What regards workflows and custom actions, customers are required to update any existing ones currently leveraging the DistinguishedName attribute in favor of the OnPremisedistinguishedName one to avoid losing functionality.