Task:  How to create one or more license pools.


1. Expand the Settings menu on the sidebar.

2. Select License Pools.

3. Click the Create pool configuration link.


Configuration Modes

There are two different configuration modes for creating your license pools: enforce or assign. 


Enforce Option

The “enforce” option will define all License Pools. You will also get the ability to define a second level of Filter Criteria to add an additional layer of segmentation. All license pools will be created based on the criteria you select, and if there are licenses which do not meet your criteria, you will be able to manage them opening the “unassigned” license pool. 


Assign Option

The “assign” option allows you to rely on the creation of license pools based on CoreView Portal Attributes versus an attribute that is associated with an account. These attributes are stored by CoreView within your CoreView Tenant and are typically used by customers who don’t feel that they can rely on an Azure AD attribute under Enforce. 


Using the Enforce Configuration Mode


1. Configure filter criteria. In this example, we'll use the "Country" attribute as the pool filtering criteria. After selecting one or more criteria, click Next, located at the bottom right corner of the screen.  




2. Select SKUs. Include the license SKUs you would like to assign to your license pool: 



After you select the SKUs to include, you can click next to go to the next page where you can customize the price you would like to assign to the license pool. This feature is typically used by customers who need to show custom license prices to operators who will manage the license pool. 


To update pricing:

a. Enable the Update pricing toggle

b. Fill in the values you would like to assign to your license pools. 

c. Click Next. 



d. Review the summary and make changes if necessary.

e. Click the green Submit button. The license pool will be created with the “Enforce” mode. 




The new license pool will now be displayed in the License Pools list.  



Using the Assign Configuration Mode


The “assign” option allows you to rely on the creation of license pools based on CoreView Portal Attributes versus an attribute that is associated with an account. 

1. Select Assign as the Pool configuration mode. 

2. Select Portal Attributes 1, 2, or 3.

3. Click Next.



4. Fill in the allowed values for your license pool’s creation. 

Those values will be added to the existing values of the Portal Attribute you selected. That means, for example, if you have two values, such as LicensePool_1 and LicensePool_2 already filled in Portal Attributes 2, the values you add here will be the name of the additional license pools created.

5. Click Next.




Now that you have created your license pool using the “Assign” methodology, you can add objects and populate those license pools through the “Set Portal Attribute” management action. 




Configuration Modes

  • License Pools allow you to allocate licenses to specific business units. They also allow you to assign them to operators and limit the number of licenses for each department or business unit. 

  • There are two methods to creating license pools in CoreView: Enforce and Assign. The Enforce method creates license pools based on the criteria you select. Whereas the Assign method creates license pools based on the CoreView Portal Attributes and is somewhat more restrictive than the Enforce method.  

  • However, either can be assigned to Operators to help you manage your tenant more efficiently.  

Please note, there is a 'Reporting only' option available during the creation of the License Pool. Selecting this option will generate a License Pool that is solely applicable to reports, ensuring that no license-related actions will be influenced by it.



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