Problem Statement:

How to view and create Teams private Channels


In this article, you will learn about different methods to view and create Teams Private Channels for any Teams Group.

1. Using Teams Admin Center:

Steps for Teams Administrators:

  • Choose a Teams Group and view its Private Channel

  • To add a new private Channel, Click on the Add

  • Provide the Channel Name and select the type as "Private"
  • Add owners from existing members of the Teams Group

If you are an existing Teams owner and want to create a Teams Private Channel refer this MSDN article - Create Standard and Private Channels in Team

2. Using PowerShell

Before you start, install the latest Microsoft Teams PowerShell module and run the following command to connect the Teams module.


Create a new Private channel in an existing Team

New-TeamChannel -GroupId fba2668a-ec8e-40fa-adc8-1bd6e8452231 -DisplayName "Production Team" 
-MembershipType Private -Owner ""

Output in Teams Admin Center:

GroupId – Group id of the team to which we are going to add the new channel.

To find Group ID use below PowerShell Cmdlet:

(Get-Team -DisplayName "Arun-SourcePvtTeam").GroupId

MembershipType – Channel membership type, Standard or Private. 

Owner – Provide UPN of the user who is already available in the existing team’s membership.

For more information on please refer this MSDN article - New-TeamChannel

3. Using CoreView

You can use CoreView to view all Teams Groups and its channel. You can also create a new Channel for any Teams group. Using CoreView is one of the easiest options available to view Teams report and create Private Channels.

Steps for viewing and creating Private Channels:

  • Go to CoreView Portal 
  • Under Reports, select "Team" and then "Teams Channel"

  • This will show all Teams Groups and their channels
  • Apply filters to see the channels of a specific Teams Group

How to Create New Private Channels in Teams using CoreView:

  • Under Teams Report select Teams Group:

  • Click on the Teams Group's display name to see its details and channels

  • Click on the Teams Group's display name to see its details and channels
  • Toward right of the page you will find an option to "Create Teams Group Channel"

No Teams admin role is required to perform these operations using Coreview with the right permissions/roles.