This article will cover how to enable and configure automatic Service accounts password rotation 


CoreView service accounts are used to import data from your Microsoft 365 tenant. To enhance security, customers can enable the password rotation feature for service accounts, which will trigger CoreView to generate new random passwords at regular intervals or it can be done manually.


Advanced management needs to be enabled (refer to the linked article for How to enable and configure CoreView management session (New UX)

How to enable automatic password rotation 

To enable the feature, head to the Settings tab, then select Settings > Security 

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Expanding the Security card, it is possible to activate the “Automatic password rotation” toggle and configure the feature to your security needs selecting the cadency of the rotation.  

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After selecting the appropriate frequency and having saved, the system will start updating passwords according to the specified schedule. The date of the last automatic password rotation is displayed, as well as the date of next scheduled one.  

In case of necessity, it is possible to check on the “Force password rotation upon saving” box and have the passwords changed when saving.