Problem Statement:

How do I check in CoreView who has changed/updated a User License


To find out who updated a User License follow below steps:

  • Go to CoreView Portal (New Experience)
  • Navigate to Audit Tab and select Azure AD

  • Then click on on Azure AD activities

  • From the columns option select "Modified Properties" to see details of the operation. You can also select any other columns based on your requirement.

Key Terminologies:

Operation: This column indicates what  operation was performed. For example if the operation was  to change the user license you will see "Change user license".

User Id:  This columns shows the user who performed the operation

Object Id:  This column specifies on whom the operation was performed

Modified Properties: Tells you the details of the operation like what exactly has been changed. Please note that we don't apply any modification on the data presented, what you will find on MS you will find in CoreView.

To see what licenses were changed you need to check the corresponding "Update User" activity and not the "Change User License" operation. In the 'Modified Properties' of the 'Update User' operation you will see what license was changed. Reference MSDN article: User Administration Activities

Modified Properties: