Problem Statement:

In CoreView how can I check  if SharePoint site or SharePoint objects shared Externally


To see if a SharePoint site or objects are shared externally follow below steps:

  • Then choose 'Sharing Operations'
  • Here you will see all the SharePoint Operations.

  • You can apply filter on column Targer user or Group type as "Guest" to see if the SharePoint site or objects are shared externally.


Please refer this MSDN article - Use sharing auditing in the audit log for more information on SharePoint Audit Activities.

Key Terminologies:

  • Target User or Groupname - To see who the file was shared with.
  • Target User or Group type -  Identifies whether the target user or group is a Member, Guest, SharePointGroup, SecurityGroup, or Partner. 
  • ObjectId - This column identifies the resource that was shared with the target user.