The following article will show the steps involved in accessing a synchronized user and enabling custom properties and attributes. 



This article is intended for customers with a Hybrid environment. You must have configured the on-premises exchange. A user must have a mailbox to set any custom attributes. If the user has a cloud mailbox, the custom attributes must be set in the cloud.


  1. Log into CoreView
  2. You can find a user via the Global Search bar or a report. In this example, we will access a user via the Global Search barType in the user’s name and select it from the results drop-down menu.


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  1. The User Card page will appear. From the Management Actions menu, select Edit synchronized user


Note: the actions are listed in the order of usage. The most frequently used actions will be listed at the top of the list. Your list may be different from this screenshot.

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  1. Now, the Edit Synchronized User page will appear. Using the left-hand navigation panel, select Other Properties. From here, you can add or remove any custom properties and attributes.


Note: Custom attributes are only visible if the user you are working on has a mailbox, while CoreView properties are visible if they are mapped.

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  1. Once you have added or removed groups for this user, click the Save button. 



You have now enabled custom properties and attributes. 

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