As part of the SharePoint creation process, you can now set the SharePoint sensitivity level if needed. Now Tenant admin and Operators, with permission to create the SharePoint site, can set the Sensitivity label in CoreView CreateSharePointSite management actions based on sensitivity labels defined by the organization. The Sensitivity label should be a mandatory or an optional field. The following guide will provide you with instructions on how to set the Sensitivity label as a mandatory field in CoreView.


Microsoft Settings

Enable Sensitivity Label at Microsoft

Your first step to setting up Sensitivity Labels is to go to the Microsoft 365 Admin Center and enable it. Here is a link to the Microsoft 365 site article: Enable sensitivity labels for Office files in SharePoint and OneDrive - Microsoft 365 Compliance | Microsoft Docs


Creating Sensitivity Labels at Microsoft

Before using the Sensitivity labels, you must create labels you want to be assigned to your sites. Examples of labels would be Public, Internal, Confidential, and Highly Confidential, OR Restricted, Unrestricted, and Consumer Protected. Please note that Microsoft can take up to twenty-four hours to approve Sensitivity Labels. Here is a link to the Microsoft 365 site article: Assign sensitivity labels to groups - Azure AD | Microsoft Docs


Now that you have Enabled your site to start using Sensitivity Labels let’s move on to enabling them on CoreView!


CoreView Settings

Things to Think About First before Enabling at CoreView

Before we start, you should know if a Sensitivity label must be applied to the site or not and if it must be a mandatory field. This will be important when creating a SharePoint site in CoreView through either Management actions, Create SharePoint Modern Site, OR through Management actions, Create SharePoint Site.


Let’s Begin

Once you have logged into your company Tenant, you will take the following steps.

  1. To set the sensitivity label as a mandatory field, get access to My organization on the right-side menu. Click on your Organization name, then “Manage”.


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  1. Click on Settings
  2. Scroll down the list to “SharePoint” and click on it.
  3. Enable the toggle titled “SharePoint Sensitivity label is mandatory”.
  4. Click “Save”.


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You have now set the “Sensitivity Label” as Mandatory.



Now that you have set the Sensitivity label as a mandatory field when creating a SharePoint site, you will find that field set as a mandatory one.


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