The Teams PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) usage report in the CoreView portal gives you an overview of your organization's calling and audio conferencing activity. You can view detailed calling activity for Calling Plans if you use Microsoft as your telephony carrier and for Direct Routing if you use your own telephony carrier.


One report that you can look at is the PSTN usage report. You can look at your PSTN usage on your CoreView Tenant by going to the Analyze tab, clicking Team Reports, and selecting "PSTN usage".



At the top of the report, you will see your Inbound and Outbound graph showing the number of inbound and outbound calls per day for the selected timeframe (upper right blue box). This will give you a broad overview of your PSTN calls.


If you scroll down further on the page, you will see a list of users and other pertinent information like Start date and time, user, email address, calle number, caller number, call type, duration, etc.



You are also able to add additional columns of details as needed.


Filtering details will help you see how different users are utilizing their PSTN. Filtering on "Call type" is one example of specific filtering. 

You will be able to filter on:


Teams user call types

  • user_in - the user received an inbound PSTN call.
  • user_out - the user placed an outbound PSTN call
  • user_out_conf - the user added two or more PSTN participants to the call, such as a three-way conference call
  • user_out_transfer - the user transferred the call to a PSTN number
  • user_out_forwarding - the user forwarded the call to a PSTN number
  • conf_in - an inbound call to the Audio Conferencing bridge
  • conf_out - an outbound call from the Audio Conferencing bridge usually to add a PSTN number to the conference
  • unassigned_in - an inbound PSTN call via Calling Plan to an unassigned number



Remember, you can always filter this and save this report as a custom report; This report should help you keep track of your PSTN usage and help you better manage your PSTN users.