Endpoint manager reports will help you to keep your tenant secure and under control so that only authorized people and devices get access to proprietary information. You can find following Endpoint manager reports on CoreView portal:

  • Intune Devices report shows a list of your Intune tenant's enrolled devices and their properties, like whether it's a personal or corporate device, serial number, hardware device details, like the device ID, operating system and version, and more details*.
  • Not Compliant Intune Devices provides a list of noncompliant Intune devices and their properties with the same level of details as the previous report. You can add more columns by clicking on Columns and select all or some columns available.
  • Intune BitLocker Keys shows the list of Intune BitLocker keys and the relative recovery keys for registered devices. 
  • Windows Autopilot import status returns all of Autopilot devices and the import statuses of recently added Autopilot devices.    
  • Windows Autopilot devices returns all Autopilot devices and relative details.

For more details about the data available in the Endpoint manager reports, please consult the attached table. 

All these reports can be filtered by using either column, report or Global filters. Please check Report Filters article to understand the differences between these filters. The Reset button can be used to get rid of the column filters. While the Reload button allows you to update the data available in the opened report. 

Also, Endpoint manager reports can be:

  • exported in Excel, CSV or PDF
  • saved
  • scheduled
  • transformed in a Pivot table

*Note: Depending on the carrier used by the devices, not all details might be collected.