Teams groups activity gives insights into the activities of Teams groups in your organization.

There are two charts illustrating:

  • Number of Total vs Active groups / Number of activities (Email received, Yammer messages read, received and posted over chosen period of time / Number Total vs Active Files / Total Mailbox and Site storage size. The switch can be done in the tabs present on the upper side above the chart: By hovering the mouse on the graph you can check the numbers on the particular day.

  • Percentage of Active vs Inactive Teams groupsover the chosen period of time. You can choose to see the percentage over the last day or last 7, 30, 90, 180 days.  The date range will be applied also to the first chart.

*Note: We consider Teams groups inactive based on When Changed UTC attribute that shows any modifications done on underlying Office 365 groups. So, if there is no modification on these groups over the last 90 days, then we consider Teams groups as inactive.

While the table gives you the details regarding: 

  • Group type: Private vs Public
  • Total member count
  • Guest count
  • Overall Exchange mailbox item count
  • Overall Exchange mailbox total item size MB
  • Overall SharePoint site storage used MB
  • Number of Exchange email received over last 90 days 
  • Number of SharePoint Active Files Count over last 90 days
  • Number of Yammer messages Posted over last 90 days
  • Number of Yammer messages Read over last 90 days
  • Number of Yammer messages Liked over last 90 days
  • Content date
  • Date when data have been computed on Microsoft side. This can be checked directly on MS portal as well: under Last updated field.
  • Exchange mailbox total item size bytes
  • Group Guid
  • if it is deleted
  • Owner email
  • SharePoint Files Count
  • SharePoint site storage used bytes