Issue: Unable to modify the Assigned Licenses in my License Pool Report 

When you go through a True-up that reduces the number of licenses that Microsoft reports to CoreView, it can occur that the number of licenses assigned is greater than the number of licenses available and you are unable to modify the assigned licenses in the license pool report. 

If you take the first number in any column header and minus it from the second number you will get the Active vs Assigned deficit. Active is the number we get from Microsoft as to the number of Active (Purchased) licenses. Assigned is the number of licenses Assigned to a specific license pool. Consumed is the number of Licenses Allocated (Assigned) to Users.  

If you have a situation where the number of Assigned licenses are greater than the Available ones, you won't be able to modify the value of the assigned licenses. 


To resolve the issue one option is set a license pool to a number low enough to allow you to save it and then rebalance the other license pools. i.e. You have an LP with 2000 Assigned. Reduce the number to less than 1823. (2000-177=1823) You can then rebalance the other License pools. Reduce the number to closer to the Consumed number. 

The second option is you can delete and re-create the License pools as described below 

  1. Go to Manage License Pool.  Note what you use for a Filter Criteria, note the SKUs you are assigning, note the Costs you may have assigned and then clear the Configuration. choose Clear Configuration
  2. Once that is done you will see the true number of in-use licenses in the header and spares will be zero. Example in our Demo company below. You can then add the Spares however you want. To whatever LP you think needs them.