In this section you will see the list of available predefined and new created Libraries. You can manage groups and libraries.

From this section you can Add New Libraries and Manage UI Grouping.  

By default, the libraries are arranged into groups (such as Office 365

Core, Office 2016, Microsoft Windows, and so on). However, you have complete control over

the groups and the order in which they are displayed. 

In order to modify, delete, and add new groups click on Actions > Manage UI Grouping.

Create a New Group

  • Click Add New Group.
  • In the New Group Name text box, type New Employee Training, and then click Save.

Reorder Groups 

  • Click Manage Group Order
  • Select the name of the group  you want to reorder and click the downward or upwards point arrow to move the group and then click Save. 

Edit and Delete a group

  • To edit the group name, click the pen icon and type the new name, then click Save. 

To delete the group, click on the X icon and then confirm. Note: You can only delete a group if it does not contain any libraries, so the first step is to remove the library you added to the group. 

To Create a Library 

  • In the Libraries section, click Add New Library.  
  • Type the Library Name, choose the group where you want the new library to appear in the end-user portal and the Description (Optional). Finally click Save. 

Once the Libraries are created, they are visible in the Libraries Home Page. Clicking on the name of the Library you can see a list of actions you can perform on the libraries. 

  • Asset Bin: 
    Use the asset bin to manage, upload, link to, and embed videos or other types of training material.
    Note: Assets in the asset bin are not shown to end-users until they are added to a Learning Path or individually shared.
  • Learning Paths:
    Use Learning Paths to define the main layout and navigation experienced by end-users. You can add, hide, show, re-order, and define the content contained in each Learning Path. You can also publish or share Learning Paths in campaigns.
  • Edit: Use this feature to edit the name and description of this library. 
  • Set Tile: Use this feature to change the tile displayed on the portal page for this library. 
  • Delete Library: Use this feature to delete a custom library that you have created. 
  • Integration:
    Use this feature to build Learning Centers in SharePoint sites. You can also use this feature to generate Learning Campaign URLs.
  • Visibility:
    Use this feature to control whether this library is visible in the 'Portal' page, and which UI group it appears in.
  • Themes
    Use this feature to set tile colors and fonts.

Published: 04/27/2020

Updated: 05/26/2020