The CoreLearning category under the Settings tab of My Organization is designed to allow a Tenant Administrator to configure their organization’s instance of CoreLearning. This activity is only performed once.

You can access these features from the Product Menu by selecting My Organization, Settings tab and then clicking 'CoreLearning'.

  • Organization Name – Your company’s name, as configured for your CoreView tenant.
  • Number of Users – The total number of CoreLearning licenses purchased by your company.
  • Full Subscription – Whether your company is entitled to a full subscription. The default value is Yes.
  • Provisioning Status – Displays the result of the last provisioning attempt. If this displays “CV.Failure,” please open a Support Case with Customer Care.
  • Confirm and start provisioning – This option is only active for companies who have not yet successfully provisioned CoreLearning. Slide this to the right and click on Save to start the provisioning process, which can take anywhere from five (5) to ten (10) minutes. Once a successful provisioning has occurred, all fields on this page will become read only.
  • Activation Key – This is in the format of a GUID and is used to identify your specific learning environment in the format of