Provides our Tenant Administrators with a recap of your CoreView Tenant’s essential subscription information.

Tenant Administrators an overview of their current subscription plan and licensing levels by navigating to My Organization > Portal Information.

  • Expiration Date – Identifies the date that your current CoreView product subscriptions will expire. When this happens, a customer’s ability to access CoreView is suspended. Subscriptions expire on midnight
  • Last Import Date – CoreView imports Office 365 data using two methods, a Partial Import and a Full Import. This date is the of the last competed Full Import for your organization.
  • Purchased Portal Licenses – The authorized number of CoreView licenses for your organization.
  • Consumed Portal Licenses – The current level of CoreView licenses consumed by your organization. Check this article for more information: How To: Report on "Consumed Portal Licenses"
  • Subscription Purchased – Enumerates any individual CoreView product configured for your organization.
  • Subscription Level– Identifies of an organization’s CoreView tenant is a “Trial,” "Pov'" or “Production.”