CoreView provides Operators with several options when you desire to limit the set of results presented in CoreView’s standard table format. Once you understand these basic operations, you have mastered a large part of our solution.

Performing a search using the built in Filter function.


You will find these operators listed when clicking on the filter icon adjacent to any column search window and then clicking on Select. This Filter icon us underscored in red in the screen shot below. The default state is Contains. Note: Some columns contain static values and therefore you will need to select chose from among the list of available values versus a free-form text entry.

Performing a search by supplying the search operators directly...


In the alternative, you can skip the use of the Filter dialog's dropdown menu by supplying the operators directly in the column filter field, as in the example below. The table to the right provides a crosswalk of filter shortcuts.

Table of Column Filter Shortcuts