I. Overview

We are pleased to provide you with access to our new Quick Start Guides.  These guides are designed to provide new or existing CoreView customers with a one-page summary of the key feature areas of our products.  Each guide will be published as a stand-alone Knowledge Resource in this Portal.  These guides can be reviewed online or you can print them, if you desire.

Please be aware that Quick Start Guides are currently under ongoing development and new guides will be added on a regular basis.  If you feel that there is a need for a Quick Start Guide that may not yet be available, please reach out to the CoreView Customer Care team and let us know.

So that you can more easily locate our guides, we have provided an index below.  This index is divided into sections based on each guide's subject matter and the intended audience.  Clicking on the title of any guide will display that guide in a separate browser tab.

II. For CoreView Tenant Administration

The following Quick Start Guides are intended only for use by CoreView Tenant Administrators.  Each is divided into relevant sections.

Configuring Tenant Setting under "My Organization"

Understanding Tenant Information under "My Organization"

Configuring Tenant Setting under "Operators"

Configuring Tenant Setting under "Virtual tenants"

Understanding CoreAdoption

Understanding CoreLearning