This article describes the different operator roles that can be created in CoreView. 

Operator Roles can be assigned during initial setup, or later as needed. 

Operator Roles: 

  • TenantAdmin – This role is designed for individuals who will administer your CoreView tenant.  Operators in this Role can manage groups, permissions, license pools, and other Operators.  They have access to manage global tenant settings. Moreover, they can see all the License Pools available and all the tenant data. It is impossible to limit the data view or management actions executed by a TenantAdmin. Only TenantAdmin can approve, reject or delete an approval of workflow. 

  • Management – Operators who should perform management action should be granted this role to see the 'Action' tab and have access to Management wizard under this tab and perform the management actions from the reports and User Card. Moreover, this role allows to:  

  • View workflow or workflow template
  • Execute, retry and stop a workflow
  • View workflow notification settings
  • Schedule a workflow
  • Delete workflow schedule


  • Global Stats – This role allows the operator to view aggregation reports and data used in reports that cannot be filtered. 

  • Global License – The operators with this role can manage all the license pools and view all license pool reports. 

  • Audit - the operators with this role can see the audit reports (Audit activities, Message Trace) and manage alerts in the portal. Please note: Access to the CoreView Audit Log requires the TenantAdmin role.

  • CoreLearningAdmin- This role allows the operator to see the CoreLearning module on the CoreView portal. 

  • SupportChat- This role allows operators to contact the CoreView support team through the chat. 

  • Workflow Editor- this role allows an operator to:  

  • View workflow or template
  • Create and edit a workflow or template
  • Delete a workflow or template
  • Duplicate a workflow 
  • Export a workflow
  • Activate and deactivate a workflow
  • View, create, and edit notification settings
  • Delete schedule


  • Workflow Publisher - this role allows an operator to: 

  • View workflow or template
  • Delete workflow or template
  • Activate and deactivate a workflow 
  • Publish a workflow
  • View, create and edit notification settings
  • Delete schedule

  • Invoice - This Role is only relevant if you belong to a Partner organization, and it will give operator access to see the customers enrolled and invite new customers to register.  


Operator roles are assigned from the Settings menu, clicking on the Operators submenu, and then Profile: 

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Note: Inherited group roles refer to the roles chosen during adding operator using ‘Add new Group of Operators.’ 

See more additional details in this article Manage Operators