You can easily and securely delegate role-based access to CoreView to individuals within your organization using any or all of our three key control mechanisms. These provide you with the ability to define an individual’s use of CoreView as narrowly or broadly as is appropriate for an individual’s technical or a business role within your organization. 

Only TenantAdmins can manage Operator accounts, assign Permissions, Virtual Tenants, and License Pools. 

Here are few definitions to keep in mind:

  • A TenantAdmin in CoreView is an individual who has been granted super-user rights. 
  • An Operator is defined as any individual who has been granted access to CoreView by a TenantAdmin. 
  • Operator accounts are provisioned from Office 365 and rely on Office 365 SSO for authentication. 
  • Each Operator is assigned one more Roles as part of their Operator profile. 
  • Permissions are used to allow or limit access to the various features and functions within CoreView as well as the display of certain information. 
  • Virtual Tenants are used to define the scope of data to which any Operator has access. For example, limiting an Operator’s access to a single business unit. 
  • Granting an Operator access to one or more License Pools permits that Operator to perform license management in support of end-users of Office 365.