From here you can create a new campaign, delete or copy an existing one, or monitor the effectiveness of your campaigns by reviewing click-through rates and the number of messages read. Measuring how effective your campaigns are at driving Office 365 adoption allows you to fine-tune your messaging to improve overall awareness. 

To create a new campaign:

  • choose Create Campaign under the Actions menu:
  • Select a category among the existing entries (check paragraph Manage Template to find out more about categories and how to add them)
  • Select a template (check paragraph Manage Template to find out more about templates and how to add them)
  • Select recipients. You can add additional columns here to filter your results as needed. To add additional columns, click the Columns button and choose the columns to be added to the Recipients table.
  • During the ‘Send’ process step you can:
    • Review the target properties and change the aim functions
    • Review and change any of the general information data items: name, description, and subject
    • Review the total number of recipients for your campaign
    • Review and change the campaign email content
  • Send a test email
  • Once you are finished, click the Save button to activate your campaign.

To check your campaign effectiveness, go to the ‘Manage Campaigns’ menu and click the ‘view’ button to review your campaign.

Here you can check on the general campaign settings and how well your campaign is delivering your desired results.

'Is Active' field shows if actually the aim of the campaign was achieved. 

Please note, if several links were included in the campaign email, 'Is external link clicked' will show the result only for the first link included in the email.

Also, you can enforce the campaign to repeat again. To do it, click Actions – Enforce Campaign. The enforced campaign will be sent to the same recipients.

Published:  07/02/2019

Updated: 01/08/2020