To enable the Management function, you will be asked to input an Office 365 Global Admin username and password during signup. The Management function allows you to configure permissions, manage licenses, share mailboxes, reset passwords, create new users, forward emails to other mailboxes, create role-based access, remove users, schedule reports, etc.

Once logged into the portal, simply click on the management check box placed next to your profile icon in upper right-side corner. You will be asked to activate the management setting using an Office 365 Global Admin username and password:

There are three types of Management capabilities (none, basic and advanced). The last two create a new Global Admin setting on your Office 365 tenant:

  • None: this management type is set by default. To enable management the operator should be in possess of Office 365 admin credentials. Moreover, Office 365 admin whose credentials used to enable management session should have all set of permissions necessary to execute management actions, otherwise these actions will fail. More information available in the Knowledge base article: “Reasons why a Management action fails”.
  • Basic: this method enables a password with half of the eight characters defined by you.  These are shared amongst your CoreView operators to activate management at a later time. The second half of the password, and associated username, are defined by CoreView and stored encrypted within the system. This method achieves two goals:
    • Operators do not know the full password; therefore, they cannot use PowerShell or the Microsoft Portal to perform management actions
    • CoreView stores only half of the password which cannot be used alone
  • Advanced: using this method the full password is generated by CoreView and stored in the Azure KeyVault for maximum security available in the cloud. This is the same vault used to store Credit Card information or other important secrets. The password is changed every time the management is closed to ensure maximum security. In future releases of CoreView we will enable customers to use their own Azure KeyVault to maintain total control of the stored secret. When management is activated by an operator, the password is retrieved from the Azure KeyVault and all operations are audited by Microsoft Azure directly. This is the preferred method because it removes the service user accounts and uses temporary user accounts where needed, or by Management Operators where possible.

To change the management type once the management function is activated:

  1. choose 'My Organization' or ‘Organizational Settings’ in case you need to change the management type for chosen managed tenant under your profile
  2. Go to Settings tab and choose Management
  3. Choose which management type should be used
  4. Click Save

Once Management is enabled, a CoreView operator with a management role will see the ‘Actions’ menu available in the most reports, as well as in the User cards.

Published: 06/26/2019

Updated: 01/08/2020