This function allows you to increase security by limiting which reports and management actions operators can access.

To determine operator permissionsclick ‘Add new’ under the ‘Manage’ button, then follow these steps:

  • General info: fill in general information.
  • Operators: add operators to a group from the table titled ‘Select Operators’.
  • Start page: choose the start page (only one) that the operators of group will see once accessed the portal
  • Menu: choose which menu items will be available to the operators added in Step 1
  • Saved Reports: choose to limit the visibility of saved shared reports if any created on CoreView portal
  • User Card: choose which information will be visible to this permission group in the User Card
  • Management actions: choose which Management Actions will be available to operators added in step 1
  • Workflow: choose which Worklow the operator can see and execute
  • License Templates: select License Template(s) to be applied for this permission group. For more details on License template, consult a paragraph about License Template.
  • Custom Dashboards choose to limit the visibility of the custom dashboards 
  • Click the Save button to save permissions granted to certain operators.

Among the actions, you have also the option to Export/Import an exisitng permission group so that could be used as a template. It is possible to Assign Multiple Permission to an Operator.