Create virtual-tenants (V-tenants) per user’s account properties (country, department, etc.), domain or tenant, to limit business administrators to see only the objects they have responsibility for, and only perform the actions and view the reports which they are authorized.

Note: The V-tenant filter applies not to all reports. Please refer to the attached file for more details.

So, V-Tenant consists of a team of operators and a set of specific filters.

Operators inside the V-tenant will see all report data filtered by the rules applied.

To add a new V-tenant:

  • Click ‘Manage’, ‘Add new’
  • Fill in General Information: V-tenant name & description
  • Add operators or distribution group to the V-Tenant from the table titled ‘Select Operators’.
  • Add Domain, Delegation and Group filter for users. 
  • Domain filters: deletes or adds domains from a list of available domains.
  • Delegation filters: filter the users by properties such as Company, Company ID, Country, City, Display Name, phone number, etc.
  •  Groups filters: deletes or adds groups from a list of available groups.
  • Add domain and/or delegation filters to distribution groups to limit what data they can view.
  • Add delegation filters in the Phone Numbers tab to limit the visibility in the Teams Numbers report and the action Manage Phone Number.
  • Add delegation filters in the Devices tab to filter the visibility of the devices based on names convetion or attributes.
  • In a multi-tenant environment, you can use a domain filter to determine which tenants a group can view.
  • Click ‘Save’ to save the group.

Note: if you add a delegation filter and then add Groups filter than the rules will be applied in a mutually inclusive way.