Teams Reports

Modified on Fri, 17 Jun 2022 at 02:05 AM

Teams Report include the following: 

  • Team User Activity provides a view of the most common activities that your users perform in Microsoft Teams, including how many people engage in team chat, how many communicate via a private chat message, and how many participate in calls or meetings
  • Team Users provides a table of users in your company and their group membership.
  • Teams Device Usage provides you with information about how your users connect to Microsoft Teams, including mobile apps. The report helps IT admins understand what devices are most used within your organization and how many users work while they are on the go. 
  • Teams Groups shows the information regarding the teams groups presented such as display name, primary smtp address, total number of members and channels, the time when the team was created, changed and renewed, its language, last dir sync time as well as if its mailbox configured.
  • Teams Channels provides the name of teams channel, its email, description, web URL, its group name.  
  • Teams Members shows the members of all teams groups specifying their roles (member, owner).
  • Empty Teams Groups shows all the teams groups without members.
  • Teams Groups without Owners shows all the teams groups without owners.
  • Teams External Members show members of teams groups that are external to the tenant specifying their roles (member, owner). 
  • Teams Inactive Users: provides a table showing the number of active users vs. the number of inactive users, as well as inactive users’ full names, login names, licenses, last logon times, last activity, and days since last activity. You can export or print the content of this table. You can also apply the desired filtered to this table.
  • Teams Group Activity: shows information regarding the Teams Groups by activities performed, or messages delivered, in a standard or logarithmic view. The pie chart showcases which Active vs Inactive Teams Groups are action-enabled. You can click on each section of the pie chart to view the detailed information provided in the table under the charts. 
  • User Call Quality allows you to analyze quality for individual calls 
  • Call Quality allows you to analyze call and meeting quality for individual users
  • Quality Call Dashboard allows you to gain insights into the quality of calls made using Microsoft Team on a monthly and daily basis. The dashboards are divided into the main categories of Audio, Video and Sharing plus Calls/Meeting. 
  • Team Adoption Growth shows the grow rate by different categories : Country, Company, Department. In the report you can see the grow rate for the whole tenant (Active Users, Call, Meeting, Time, Other). You can filter the report selecting the time range you would like to examine and also seletct the Attendees Type (External/Internal)-
  • Teams Voice Users  provides the table showing the users with voice mail configured along with the relative details.
  • Teams Numbers includes the associated access numbers for a selected account, including their Bridge Number, Activation State, Calling Profile, and City Code
  • Teams Locations  identifies the specific details related to Skype account, including the Location, Validation Status, Number of Voice Users, Number of Telephone Numbers, Company Name, House Number, Street Name, City, Postal Code, State Or Province, Country Or Region
  • PSTN Usage gives you an overview of calling and audio conferencing activity in your organization. You can view detailed calling activity for Calling Plans if you use Microsoft as your telephony carrier and for Direct Routing if you use your own telephony carrier.
  • Auto attendants shows the list of auto attendant resources
  • Call Queues shows a list of call queue resources

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