The CoreView software development lifecycle includes two types of software upgrades (releases).  Because CoreView operates on a Software as a Service (SaaS) model, the actual deployment occurs within the CoreView SaaS ecosystem and there is no software deployed to a customer, with one minor exception which we will cover later.  

CoreView follows an agile software and development operations model and relies on two different release methods.

Release Methods

Hotfix Releases - CoreView tries to respond quickly to any issue that may arise where a modification is needed to the CoreView application to remediate a software defect, respond to a change in a Microsoft provided API or service or when any adjustment is needed to ensure our customers enjoy uninterrupted and problem-free use of CoreView.  Hotfix releases are deployed on as an-needed bases and are standalone deployments, meaning that we do not bundle feature upgrades in with a hotfix.

Feature Releases - CoreView endeavors to respond to customer needs as quickly as possible and therefore we deploy feature releases, on average, every two weeks.  Potential release content is draw from User Stories that are prioritized with respect to customer demand, impact (risk) to the application, effort involved, both with respect to the development lifecycle, but also the quality assurance (QA) burden and finally, the functional area that is being changed.  The final content for any release then becomes part of a sprint that eventually leads to a release candidate that is ready for QA.  Once a release has passed QA, it’s scheduled for deployment.

For any release, a customer will receive an online notification that a new release is available.  While there is nothing that is actually deployed, when the customer acknowledges the update, CoreView will reset the user’s local CoreView cache to ensure that it conforms to what is expected of the new release.

Hybrid On-premises Active Directory and Exchange Agent

CoreView has one product, known as our Hybrid Agent, that is a CoreView published, customer-deployed software application that allows our customers to use CoreView to manage both cloud and on-premises accounts.  This agent is deployed to a dedicated server of the customer's choosing and it works with CoreView to provide account management services against Active Directory and/or Exchange.  This is the only part of the CoreView product that has relies on physically deployable software.  The Hybrid Agent is a separate CoreView product and it requires that the customer has purchased, at a minimum, the CoreAdmin subscription. 


Published: 03/14/2019

Updated: 12/5/2022