Preparing for Onboarding

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To be properly prepared for CoreView onboarding activities, please refer to the following information.  We will also review this information briefly during our initial onboarding meeting. 

Critical Prerequisites and Considerations

The following prerequisites are those that we consider to be essential and necessary to a successful onboarding:

  • Your Office 365 Readiness - Customers will need to have a valid Office 365 tenant activated and that you have completed all of the Office 363 readiness and deployment activities recommended by Microsoft.  If you have not, these must be completed before we can activate your CoreView tenant.
  • Your Account Object Data Quality - When we work with you to configure Virtual Tenants and License Pools, you may want to rely on the data found in any number of account object attributes, such as Company, Department, Office, Country and so on, to partition your data into individual business units.  Moreover, CoreView provides customers with numerous preconfigured reports and the more accurate and consistent your account data, the more benefit you'll derive from these reports.  
  • CoreView Ownership - Organizations will need to determine who will "own" CoreView.  This is the individual with whom we work during onboarding and who make CoreView configuration decisions.  Most often, these are the individuals who possess the Office 365 Global Admin role, but that isn't a requirement.  Additionally, these individuals will be our primary points of contact for any important communications and with whom your CoreView CSM will plan to meet regularly. 
  • Your Office 365 Licensing Issues/Challenges - Because CoreView allows you to implement finely-grained controls over your Office 365 licensing, it's important that you are aware of any licensing issues that may need remediation.  You do not need to correct these issue beforehand, but it's helpful to share these with CoreView during the onboarding process.   One of the key benefits of CoreView is that you can immediately begin to leverage CoreView's reporting capability to identify and the correct any licensing issue.
  • The Priority of Onboarding - Finally, one very critical prerequisite is that you are prepared to allocate time to actively participate in the onboarding process and to commit a few hours a day, at least initially, working with and learning the product.  Spending time hands-on with CoreView is the most valuable training you can receive.    

Information CoreView Needs

Organizations should have the following information prepared prior to the start of onboarding.

  • Identify CoreView Tenant Administrators - A CoreView Tenant Administrator is analogous to a Global Administrator in Office 365.  Customers should be prepared with name, email address, title and phone of each Tenant Administrator as CoreView will need this information to enroll these individuals in our Support Portal. Moreover, as part of the onboarding process, we'll want to create Tenant Administrator accounts in CoreView for these individuals.  We'll need the following information.
    • Full Name
    • Email Address
    • Title
    • Phone
    • Time Zone
  • License Inventory and Cost Data - During the part of the onboarding process where we will be assisting you with the implementation of License Pools, it's extremely helpful if customers have access to any type of information that will help inform the correct allocation of licenses across the various License Pools.  Additionally, if your organization desires to track license costs, whether as part of a formal chargeback or showback process, or simply as part a management report, you'll need to be prepared with the purchase history and unit costs paid for your Office 365 license inventory.
  • Identify any Delegated Administrators - If you plan to delegate access to CoreView to others in your organization, it will be helpful to have a list of those individuals in advance.  We'll be using this information to create Operator accounts in CoreView and we'll also need this information to enroll the delegates in our online Customer Support Portal.
    • Full Name
    • Email Address
    • Title
    • Phone
    • Time Zone

Other Considerations

From time to time, our customers have other environmental configurations that may impact your CoreView experience.  Please see the list below for the most common configurations.  If these apply to you, please raise these during the Initial Onboarding Meeting.

  • Third-Party SSO - CoreView can work seamlessly with any SSO product that you have successfully implemented for use with Office 365.  Please let us know during the initial onboarding meeting if you plan to be using a third-party SSO solution.
  • Use of Conditional Access Policies - Please let us know during your initial onboarding meetings if your organization uses or plans to use Conditional Access Policies.  Some additional configurations may be needed to allow CoreView to work properly with any policies you have implemented.


Published: 02/23/2019

Updated: 12/5/2022

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