From time to time our customers have expressed a desire to be able to turn-off the email notifications that CoreView will send to a newly added Operator.  Most often, this need arises when customers are adding or changing Operators en masse and would prefer that CoreView not send out the notification so the customer can control the how and when the Operators are notified.  In some situations, our development team would make a temporary change behind the scenes to turn off the notifications for a customer who had large numbers of Operators to manage.

Effective August 8, 2018, our amazing team of developers added a new feature that allows any CoreView Operator assigned the TenantAdmin role to control new operator notifications.  To change the New Operator notifications, open up the Management Menu and click on My Organizations.  From here, click on the Settings tab and then on the Notifications settings bar as in the example below.  At this point, you can slide the toggle to notifications on or off. 

Please note that since most of our customers prefer that to message new Operators on their own, the setting for this will default to "No."