On rare occasions, a customer may elect to bypass the default service account used to enable Management Actions and instead, use an alternate set of Global Admin credentials.  While this is not a recommended practice, there are select use cases when the use of an alternate credential may be needed.

If the credentials used to enable Management Actions are the same credentials used to establish an active Office 365 Remote PowerShell session, the remote PowerShell session may then conflict with the CoreView management session - but only if both are active simultaneously.  Any subsequent management actions that may be attempted are likely to fail or behave unpredictably.  This only applies to Remote PowerShell session that are opened against the same Office 365 tenant that CoreView manages.

As a best practice, CoreView recommends that customers rely on the default service account that is created to enable and support Management Actions. The service account is created during activation of Advanced management type. Please find more details on how to change the management type from Basic to Advanced here: