This article covers the URL and IP addresses necessary for the successful implementation of CoreView. 

Application DNS 

CoreView relies on a small collection of application services that each have a unique URL.  Customers with enterprise networking, security and/or DNS services should review these URLs to determine if there is a need to be make certain network, firewall and/or other network changes to accommodate these access points and ensure that your organization can successfully use CoreView.

Please review the attached document for a complete list of URLs that your organization may need to whitelist. 


Application IP Addresses 

Depending on your organization's security requirements, you may need to explicitly allow the IP addresses associated with the CoreView Azure environment.  These can be found using the link [Requires Portal Login]. 

Application Sender Accounts 

CoreView relies on several electronic mail accounts to originate emails and/or for essential communications.  These are listed below.  We recommend that these addresses be whitelisted. 

 Alternatively, you can opt to whitelist 

  • - This account is used to support scheduled reports and for important communications from CoreView to our customers and partners. 
  • - From time to time, our Marketing department will communicate to our customers and partners on topics of interest, such as upcoming webinars, blogs and so on. 

 Recipients of these emails can easily unsubscribe if needed.