• To add new operators to the portal, and select 'Manage Operators' from the main menu on the right:  

  • Click Manage and then 'Add New Operator'

  • Fill all the required information and assign the roles to the operators. In the other tabs, you can assign the virtual tenant, permission and license pool to the operator.
    If you choose the option 'Use Organization Account', the operator will be selected from the tenant users' list, and all the information will be populated automatically, Single sign-on will be applied during login, so advise the operator to use Work or School account login option.
    If you do not select 'Use Organization Account' option, then you'll be requested to insert the information manually, and you add the password that the operator will use to login to the portal. In this case, you should advise the operator to use the second login option: Email.

Group as operators

You can add operators using Distribution Groups or Security Groups by applying the option 'Add New Groups of Operators'. The members of the groups will be added as operators and will inherit the roles granted to group.

To modify the roles of the operator, you need to modify directly the roles in the group. 

Once you add or remove a member from the group, the changes will be reflected in the operator list as well. 

Clone Operator

Tenant admin can also clone operator starting from an existing one. This way all the roles and permissions will be automatically applied to the new operator.

Operators with access to child tenant 

If your organization has more than one tenant, and you need to give an access to multiple tenants to some operators, follow the steps described below: 

  1. Add a new operator under the Master tenant (your organization main tenant) 
  2. Create a V-tenant using the function 'Manage V-tenants' under your profile and add the operators that should have an access to the child tenants specifying these tenants in the last tab (Tenants)
  3. To delegate only specific rights to these operators you can use the 'Manage Permissions' function directly in the child tenants.